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Imagine having your very own museum dedicated to your life and personal story. The Museum of Self is a free weekly newsletter that helps you reflect on your past, consider your future, and discover new insights about yourself.Each edition includes one prompt that'll inspire you to think about your life in new ways as you design the perfect museum for you. See the archive.

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The Museum of self

==Prompt: CHILDHOOD ==Think about the memories, experiences, and objects that define your childhood.

What would you include in a room dedicated to your childhood in your museum? Would you display photographs, toys, art projects, or other mementos? How would you recreate the atmosphere and emotions of your childhood in this room? How will the objects in the room relate and tell the story of your becoming?

The room dedicated to your childhood is a chance to reflect on the people, places, and events that shaped you into the person you are today. You might include artifacts from your childhood home, such as a favorite stuffed animal or a piece of furniture. You could also include photographs, art projects, or other items representing your childhood interests and hobbies. You might even have interactive elements, such as a reading corner or a dress-up area, to help visitors fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of your childhood.Reflection questions:- What are your fondest memories of childhood?
- What objects or mementos are most meaningful to you and why?
- How has your childhood shaped your values and goals as an adult?
- What do you want visitors to understand or feel when they enter the room dedicated to your childhood in your museum?
Resources and tips:
- Consider using family stories or personal essays to add context and depth to the objects and mementos you include in the room.
- Don't be afraid to include items that may seem ordinary or mundane – sometimes, the small, everyday objects are most evocative of a particular time and place.
- Think about using sensory details, such as scent or sound, to help recreate the atmosphere of your childhood.
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